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rescuing a pet

This should be an intro paragraph about the benefits and challenges associated with rescuing an animal.

Selecting a Rescue:

Are you wanting to rescue an abandoned dog but are unsure how they will fit into your life? We'll help you with what to look for when selecting a rescue from evaluating their demeanor to a trial run (or whatever)

Preparing Yourself for a Rescue:

It's a heartwarming journey bringing a rescue pet into your home. New Pet Prep provides emotional and practical support, guiding you through the unique challenges and joys of rescuing a pet.

Introducing A Rescue to Existing Pets: Harmony in the Home

If you already have pets at home, New Pet Prep offers strategies for a seamless introduction, promoting positive interactions 

Potty Training Basics:

In some cases your rescue may have been a street dog in which case they may not be housebroken. Master the art of potty training with expert guidance tailored to your pet's age and breed.

Pet First Aid and Training Basics:

Equip yourself with essential first aid skills and basic training techniques to foster a healthy pet.

A first aid kit can be purchased from Pet Life Coaching or a list of first aid supplies will be provided for you to put together yourself.

lessons include:

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