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potty training $175 
package of three- 45 minute lessons 

Master the art of potty training with expert guidance tailored to your pet's age and breed.

 These lessons lay the foundation for a well-mannered and happy pet. 

Potty Training may be added to the Puppy Manners training for a discounted rate of $75.

lessons include:


Ideally this first lesson takes place before you bring your new pup home so you can be prepared. If you already have your pup home, this is okay too.

We will talk about the basics of potty training, how to prepare for successful potty training and what items to purchase.


This lesson should be scheduled for the first couple days into potty training. We will go over what is working and not working for you so far. 


Scheduled 1 week after lesson 2 we will be reviewing how potty training is going and adjust as needed.

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