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owner training

Gaining the knowledge on basic pet care is empowering and a wonderful way to ensure that your pet stays healthy, comfortable and encourages a strong bond with their pet parents.

lessons include:


Learn the art of nail trims, ensuring your pet's paws stay comfortable and well-maintained.


Recognize, prevent, and treat ear infections with guidance on proper cleaning and medication administration.


We can help you overcome the challenge of administering medications, making the process easier for both you and your pet.

sq fluids

Subcutaneous (SQ) fluids are required for some pets who are in kidney failure.

These fluids are typically given once or twice a week. We can teach you how to give the fluids in the comfort of your home vs making trips back to the vet office. We're also happy to discuss routine care visits where we can administer the fluids to your pet for you.

Anal gland expression

Some dogs can not express their anal glands  properly during bowel movements. In these cases, the anal glands must to be expressed on a regular basis to prevent  infection and rupture. We can teach you how to express them or you may schedule our routine monthly visits.

basic first aid

As a pet owner it's important to have basic first aid knowledge so you can provide care quickly when needed. It's also important to know when you can support your pet at home or when a vet/emergency visit is necessary.


We'll help you identify common health issues that may arise and provide a list of first aid supplies to keep in the home.


Discover the right way to brush, bathe and groom your pet, promoting a shiny coat and a happy, comfortable furry friend


We'll help you create your emergency contact list and teach you how to triage your pet to determine whether or not a vet trip is necessary


We'll provide you with a list of first aid products to buy or you may purchase a fully stocked pet first aid kit from Pet Life Coaching. 

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