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PUPPY manners $375 
package of four- 60 minute lessons 

Benefits of puppy training:

  • Investing time and effort early on will pay off in a well-behaved, happy, puppy.

  • Training lessons establish a strong bond & trust between you and your puppy.

  • Teaching basic commands and manners from the start helps prevent unwanted behaviors in the future.

  • Routines help your puppy understand expectations and create a structured environment. Consistent schedules for feeding, bathroom breaks, and playtime contribute to a well-balanced and happy dog.

  • Training builds communication between you and your puppy. Understanding commands and cues enables your puppy to navigate their environment more confidently and helps you guide their behavior.

  • Positive reinforcement during training builds your puppy's confidence. As they master new skills and behaviors, they become more self-assured and adaptable.

  • Training sessions provide mental stimulation for your puppy, preventing boredom and destructive behavior.


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